domingo, 27 de julho de 2008

L´Auberge Espagnole

I saw it finally yesterday… No words can describe what I felt while I was watching it! It’s perfect, it describes all the amazing moments and also the huge problems we can face when we are in Erasmus (that strange and unique human specie). No matter the place, no matter your background some of this things are universal I see!

I have to speak about two specific moments of the movie that really amused me: the first when one guy is pissing, other vomiting and the rest of the group is singing happily “No woman no cry” of Bob Marley ahahahahh! Magic cinema moment: reminds me those crazy Erasmus nights where crazy things can happen; the second moment when Xavier is in his last hours in Barcelona… this one reminds me my last hours in Ljubljana, looking at everything, at every little detail of the city and the places that were my “home sweet home” for 5 months.

In conclusion, when I hear the final words of Xavier in the end of the movie I remember how I feel what this experience changed me into: for me no national identity works as it did in the past because now I really understand the true meaning of the expression: “I’m not anymore a Portuguese citizen, I’m not anymore an European citizen, I’m now truly a citizen of the world”.

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